Buffalo farming and production pdf livestock Urdu book free download

By | January 3, 2022

Buffalo farming and production pdf livestock Urdu book free download

Buffalo farming and production pdf livestock Urdu book free download

Buffalo farming and production pdf livestock Urdu book free download. Farming is a significant source of income for many people on the Indian subcontinent. At least 130 million domestic buffalo roam the world, with Asia accounting for more than 95.8 per cent of this total. In 2003, the entire population of buffaloes in India was around 97.9 million, accounting for 56.5 per cent of the world’s population.
People in India and other Asian nations rely on buffalo farming rather than rearing other household animals. As a result, buffaloes are particularly well-suited to rice-field cultivation, and their milk contains more fat and protein than dairy cattle.

Breeds of buffalo:

Indian buffaloes today need enough milk to provide the necessary dairy, and they give about three times more milk than cows. As a result, more than half (55%) of the country’s total milk production is from 47.22 million dairy buffaloes, while 57.0 million cows contribute only 45% to the total milk production. Indian buffaloes are water buffaloes. About ten local traditional breeds of buffalo are known for their milking qualities.


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The buffalo breed originated in India. The modern-day buffalo is descended from the Bose Arni, which may still be seen in the wild in northeastern India, particularly in Assam and the adjacent areas. The presence of buffaloes is often classed as a watercourse aid swamp, even though each is referred to as a mammal genus bubble. Most animals in India are of the river variety, while marsh creatures may be found in some sections of the nation, particularly in the east.

India is considered the home route of many simple breeds of buffalo. Due to the preference for buffaloes for milk, many buffaloes are relocated to densely populated urban and industrial centres to meet the milk needs of the population. Here, they are usually slaughtered after one or two lactations. Their offspring are allowed to die due to neglect, and thus no substitute for high germs as possible.


Download Buffalo Farming Growth And Production:

Download Buffalo Farming Growth And Production PDF Urdu book for free or read online from this Urdu book library. The buffalo is a child of the Boyd family, a subfamily of bulls, and a rough detachment. Earlier, all buffaloes were attributed to the Babylonian race. Only Asians belong to it; the rest are identified as being in the Nova and Cincinnati races. Close relatives of the buffalo are sitting: the blonde, the wavy, and the American bison, yak, and bison live in the temperate zone. Buffalo are common in the islands of Oceania in Africa and South Asia. Buffaloes are divided into two categories: The first is Indian, found primarily in northeastern India but also in parts of Malaysia, Indochina, and Sri Lanka.

African buffalo is An animal that prefers high grass

The second African buffalo is An animal that prefers high grass and uneven beds near ponds and swamps. However, it sometimes lives in the mountains (at 1.85 km above sea level). It is considered one of the giant wild bulls, with a height of 2 meters and a weight of more than 0.9 tons. You can note the following in the description of the buffalo: Its thick body, covered with blue hair, stock legs, which turn white from tip to bottom, a broad square head, protector and mostly base, a large hor. However, at 22 meters, leaning upwards in a semicircle or different directions in the form of an arc. They have a triangular cross-section with a long tail, which is a hand basin.

Buffalo farming and production pdf livestock Urdu book free download

This caste is smaller than the Indians. An Anti nature buffalo is 1.5 meters tall and weighs 0.7 tons on average. Dairy Farming PDF, Buffalo Calf Fat Guide, Urdu Book, Guy Guide, and Urdu Book are also available.

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