Diabetes Management: How to Make black Chana Soup for Diabetes patient.

Diabetes Management: How to Make black Chana Soup for Diabetes patient.

Diabetes Management: How To Make Kala Chana Soup For Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Controlling with Black Lemon Soup: If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you should focus more on eating more fibre and eating foods with a low glycemic index. Something like black gram can make a great choice.

Black gram soup recipe: Diabetes is a normal metabolic condition


Diabetes is a normal metabolic condition.

Diabetes controlled through wise choices.

Patients with diabetes should avoid simple carbs.

Black gram soup: Diabetes mellitus has emerged as an everyday health condition worldwide. Diabetes happens when your body is either not making enough insulin or is not able to respond to the insulin it produces. There is no recognized treatment for this condition, but according to experts, it can be controlled mainly by wise choices. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle linked to effective diabetes management. If you are at risk for diabetes or pre-diabetes, you should pay more attention to foods high in fibre and foods with a low glycemic index. These foods are not digested very quickly, thus preventing a sudden rise in blood sugar. Something like a black gram or black buttermilk can be a great idea. According to the American Diabetes Association, pulses and beans can help regulate blood sugar levels.

We love how versatile black gram is, and we can make exciting dishes in it. But on days when you’re in a rush, you can try this soup. It is healthy, soothing and healthy in other aspects as well. Help you maintain your weight, as well as your cholesterol levels.

Diabetic food: How to make black chana soup


1 cup boiled black pickle

2 cups black gram water and stock

One-piece chopped garlic

1-inch ginger, finely chopped

chopped beans 1 cup

one cup chopped carrots

only 1 cup chopped tomatoes

A pinch of pepper

A bit of cumin powder

A pinch of red chilli powder

Salt to taste

One tablespoon cooking oil


  1. Take a pot or pot and heat oil.
  2. Add garlic and fry till it turns slightly brown.

Here and now insert ginger and mixture satisfactorily for about one to two minutes.

Tomato. Add the tomatoes, spices and vegetables, continually stirring until well combined. Make sure the flame is on medium.

The. Add tomatoes, then black gram and broth and mix well for 3-4 minutes.

  1. Let it cook for 4-5 minutes.

Fresh. Serve hot, garnished with coriander leaves.

Taste this soup and let us know how you like it.

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