Hen Diseases And Treatment in Urdu Pdf

Hen Diseases And Treatment in Urdu Pdf

Hen Diseases And Treatment in Urdu Pdf

Hen Diseases And Treatment in Urdu Pdf. Murghi Khana is a famous poultry farming guide. This is a fresh perspective on how to rear chickens and other farm animals, using traditional and modern methods of raising and farming them. The book is a complete chicken farming guide, giving clear guidance on everything from fertilizing your hens, feeding them, managing their laying cycles, managing their nests and broods, harvesting their eggs, and finally, the care and feeding of your poultry. It’s a good one for those interested in poultry farming.

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The book comes with a complementary set of 50 digital photo slideshows depicting the different chicken rearing stages. These photo presentations are accompanied with easy to understand text instructions that you can easily follow. You will also find valuable tips on how to raise chickens for the backyard barbecue and cook their meat. The book also gives helpful advice on protecting your chickens against different predators, diseases, temperature fluctuations, and other factors that may harm them. All these are very helpful for beginners in poultry rearing.

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The author of this book is well aware of the difficulties experienced by first-time chicken growers. So, in this concise guide, he has tried to cover as many issues as possible. One thing that really interested me about this book is its emphasis on holistic health. I always thought that healthy birds have healthy feathers. This book explains the roles of nutrition, space, environment, and feather structure in keeping the chickens healthy.

Hen Diseases And Treatment in Urdu Pdf

Hen Diseases And Treatment in Urdu Pdf. I particularly enjoyed the sections on organic farming. Rotational grazing is important, keeping the flock safe from predators and disease and feeding the birds the right kind of food. There is an analysis of the chicken’s immune system and what supplements are needed to keep it strong. On page 19, the author devotes some important tips on building your coop. With good drainage, ample space, perches, feeders, and nesting boxes, you can easily house six chickens.

The guide focuses on building a hen house:

The guide focuses on building a hen house that maximizes chicken’s comfort, productivity, and safety. The book rightly points out that without proper care and protection, the chickens could become vulnerable to many predators like foxes, raccoons, weasels, ostriches, cats, etc. It is important to protect them against the cold as the winter season comes. But at the same time, it is important to give them enough space to roam around and enjoy their natural behavior.

The purpose of this comprehensive poultry guide:

The purpose of this comprehensive poultry guide is to make sure that your hens are happy and healthy. They will lay more eggs if they are comfortable in their surroundings, healthy and strong. The author shows you how to build a quality coop by following step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Murghi Khana PDF Guide for poultry is complete with a wealth of information to help you build a great poultry house in a matter of hours.

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It helps you avoid the mistakes made by most novice poultry owners and gives you tips and tricks that will last a lifetime. The author has personally used the tips and techniques presented in this guide to ensure that hens lay the highest quality eggs. This is why Murghi Khana PDF Guide for poultry has received acclamation by experts and the people who have received it as a gift. The guide is available for free on the internet.

You can download it and read it through your computer.

This is how to build a quality poultry house with Murghi Khana PDF Book Free. Start saving money today! Visit our website. Download it and start rearing your birds. Make your neighbors envy by keeping your backyard free of poultry pests. With a good guide like this, you can be sure of having good quality poultry.



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