How do I Post a Long Video on WhatsApp Status?

How do I post a long video on WhatsApp Status?

You can add citations images, videos, and photos GIFs within WhatsApp Status to let your friends what’s going on with you. This is fine due to the fact that it could bring the people you love closer to you. But, there are restrictions in the size and length of videos for WhatsApp Status. How can you get around the cutoffs to put the longer or complete video on WhatsApp Status? Here are three ways that you can use it.

The Length of the Status Video on Whatsapp and Size Limits:

In WhatsApp, it is not possible to send videos that are larger than 16MB which is usually a length between 90 seconds and three minutes in length. In any event, the video you can send in WhatsApp Status is smaller and less restricted which means that the video that you upload in WhatsApp Status must not exceed 30 seconds.

Cut Videos to WhatsApp Status:

Since WhatsApp does not permit you to upload videos that are longer than 30 seconds, you can’t upload them to WhatsApp Status. One way to circumvent the restriction is to divide the long video into multiple 30 seconds clips, and then upload them to WhatsApp Status each one at a time.

You can do it without the use of an application. Upload the video to your WhatsApp status. There is a slider in white to let you choose 30 seconds of the lengthy video. Choose the first 30 seconds from your long video, and then upload it. After that, you can upload the next 30 seconds for your status 2.

Divide and share your entire story by dividing long videos into smaller segments of 30 seconds videos or customized span videos.

There is no need to use many applications to split videos to refresh you WhatsApp status.

Video Splitter lets you accomplish

1. WhatsApp Split

Divide your video into two.

2. Extremely split

You can set the time duration of videos that are split.

A lot of your Whatsapp friends set nice statuses, however Whatsapp does not have the capacity to save it. But the WFVS application allows you to save Whatsapp status.

The application also has an incredible feature, which is the WFVS application. Divide long video into 30-30 seconds video portion.

  1. A split video in 30 seconds.
  2. Whasapp Status Saver/Status saver for 2020.
  3. Convert your most popular video status to MP3.

The most effective way to utilize:

Choose the Split-Video Option.

Choose the videos you want to show from a your personal display

Select a split option from the Split Video page for example Whatsapp Split, Custom Split or Single Split.

– WhatsApp Split : This feature lets you divided your video into 30 seconds and then cut.

Single Split: Click the middle (in second) of the video you want to handle.

Save Video Split

Be patient and wait until the entire measure is completed or choose “tell me when is the time to stop” option when the interaction is on.

“inform me when done” option lets you allow different tasks to be completed.

Notification highlight also shows the what happens to your video. This will inform you of the time to split your video.

Choose a single or a variety of recordings to share on any of the media sites that are accessible online.


A portable app that can refresh video status on all online media channels or talk-carriers such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, IMO and so forth

It is extremely useful when you have to share large videos in smaller parts of an organization.

Option to define physical length.

Single Split gives you an the most amazing video status shaping tool.

Split video store into document stockpiling.

You can trim your video directly on your device

No watermarks in the yield.

Check Other site.

Upload a video, single or multiple simply from the App.

There is no time limit for “Video Splitter”.

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