How To Add Multiple Links In Instagram Bio

By | October 19, 2021

How To Add Multiple Links In Instagram Bio

How To Add Multiple Links In Instagram Bio

How to add manifold links to Instagram Bio? Do you want to add various links to your Instagram account? How to add several links with tape links to Instagram Bio? With a lot of points. Read this essay in total if you wish to answer all these questions.

You may add just one link to your personal and business account on Instagram. However, we want to add several links to the organic, but how are we doing that? So I will teach you how to add several links to your Instagram profile for that purpose in this post. So let’s begin the piece, buddies, then.

I explained to you what Instagram was in the past two articles on Instagram? What’s Instagram’s feature? In addition, we spoke about the 8 Instagram applications that Instagram offers.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and filmed distribution social site that is very popular among the younger generation nowadays. It is more famous for its fashion and creativity. Today, a lot of people want to grow on Instagram, and they are growing too.

Instagram has recently launched a feature called Rails. This feature allows you to upload 15-30 second videos to Instagram.

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On Instagram, everyone makes their bio so creative that visitors can quickly pick and like it, but you can only add a link to the biography. But with the help of this article, you can add multiple links to your bio.

So let’s see how you can add multiple links to your Instagram bio.

Teplin is a website that allows you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. So, with the help of a tape link, you can increase your followers. But with that, you can redirect your followers to your other social sites, blogs.

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It provides a service that is very useful for Instagram users. By creating a link landing page, you can put a link to all your social accounts, blog links, affiliate products on this page.

You can add unlimited links to the free plan of this website. If you want more advanced features, you can buy pro and business plans.

 So let’s know how to make an account on tape link?

Create an account on the tapped link. On:

When the taping link comes to the website, you have to sign up with Gmail ID. You can also create an account per Facebook and Google.

After entering the Gmail ID, you’ll need to set an account password to keep your account secure. After that, you must accept the terms and conditions below by clicking and pressing the Continue button.

With that, your account will be ready, and you’ll be entered into the TopLink Dashboard.


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Friends, once fully signed in, your account is created in a free plan. If you want to get a paid link plan, you can tailor it to your business and needs.

By creating an account on the Tap link website, you come directly to the dashboard.

Friends, in the free plan of this tap link site, you will have the opportunity to add only your links, text, delimiter, avatar, and general questions. However, if you want to use the various advanced features of TapeLink, you need to buy a pro or business plan.

You must first click on your avatar icon in the dashboard and upload your profile picture on it. You may then make it bigger or smaller.

After adding the avatar, you must click Add New Block. Here you can add text, links, avatars, delimiters, FAQs.

The headline and link address must then be entered. You will then be able to add calls, emails and SMS. You must then save it. And with more links, your page will be ready.

To alter the colour of the page theme, click on the Settings option at the top of the dashboard, and you must proceed to the Design sections. Then you have to choose a decent topic under the Design area and click the Select button to select it.

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6) This way, you can add your social media account link, blog link, affiliate link. In addition, you can add unlimited connections to the free plan.

You can also write about yourself by selecting the text. You can also answer people’s questions by selecting questions.

7) Once the page is complete, you need to click the Publish button. And you come to this window,

First, you need to add your Instagram profile because your username will appear in your avatar after adding an Instagram account. In addition, your Instagram username will create the URL of your tap link landing page.


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Once the Instagram profile is linked, you will find a link to your page. This link may be added to your Instagram bio.

How To Add Multiple Links In Instagram Bio

If you change the username of your Instagram profile in the future, automatically, this page of Laplink


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