How to block someone on Facebook without them knowing

How to block someone on Facebook without them knowing

How to block someone on Facebook without them knowing

How to block someone on Facebook without them knowing. Facebook can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family. But not every interaction is announced on the site. If people start harassing you with controversial remarks or spamming you with messages, you may want to end their access to your account. In this guide, we show you how to block people on Facebook.

How to block someone from Facebook

  1. – Click the question mark at the top of the page.
  2. – Click “Personal Privacy Shortcuts”
  3. – Select the option “How do I stop harassing someone?”
  4. – Enter the name of the person you want to interrupt.
  5. – Click the “Block” button.

Other Ways to Block Facebook

  1. Go to the administrative block of Facebook settings and go to the individual named in the “Block Users” box
  2. Go to a person’s account, click the three-dot button on their cover image, and click Block.

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Problems with cyberbullying

Although there are many factors that can deter a person on Facebook, cyberbullying is often a factor. People are not always at their best on the Internet, especially children and adolescents who are still learning to empathize. If someone is giving you or your child a hard time online, there is a choice of resources that you can take care of. There are many cyberbullying apps that can help solve this problem before it even starts. If a particular person is at fault, you can stop them. Or, if you just want to block social media sites altogether, you can always delete your account.


Determining whether it is difficult to stop a disturbing person. However, if someone’s negative thinking is bothering you, cutting it off can help you regain your peace of mind. If you want to provide a second chance, later, you can block them continuously.

In deep.

Facebook can be a helpful tool if used properly. It’s an easy way to stay in touch with close friends, exchange ideas, share photos as well as video clips, so much more. These are the attributes that attract a website to its many users.

Like any other form of modern technology, Facebook can be misused in a number of ways. If you use the website on a regular basis, you may encounter annoying people who are extremely disrespectful or utterly harmful. There may be close friends who get angry with you after a heated argument or complete strangers who blow up your messages with frivolous or inhumane comments.

In some cases, you can resolve these issues by simply thinking with the other person, or asking them to stop. However, if they stop bothering you, you will have no choice but to reduce them completely. At this point, stopping them is a good idea. This means they will no longer be able to view your account, send you messages, tag you in photos, or view your messages. If you hinder a friend, you will not automatically leave them or follow them.

Think carefully before you block a good friend. Clicking alone on a block switch can completely damage a relationship that can be saved. Follow these steps if you decide to block them.

# 1. Open Facebook and visit. In the upper right corner of the web page, you see a small secret icon. Click on it and also select Personal Privacy Shortcut. This will take you to the site plans against harassment.

# 2. Select the option “How do I stop bothering someone?” Next, you must enter the name of the person you want to interrupt. Once you’re done, click on the block.

# 3. As soon as you reach that point, Facebook will make sure you’re blocking the right person. This will definitely bring up a list of people with the same name as the person you are trying to block. Look carefully at the pictures, select the appropriate one, then press the block button again.

# 4. If you can’t find that person by this method, there’s an additional way to block them. Your message from them, and any message that you posted on your page, should be easy to track down. Click on their username from there. If you click on it, you’ll be taken to their Facebook profile. Select Block from the food choices icon on their cover image.

Person you blocked

The person you blocked access to your account will definitely not be notified after you block it, so don’t worry about their reaction. It is possible that they will not even discover. If they check your account, it will appear that your account is no longer active. They will probably think that you have deleted your account completely. If you stop someone during the heat of an argument, however, later on, spot things, you can bring them back into the life of your social network by going to your settings and clicking on the block.

How to block someone on Facebook without them knowing

Stopping someone on Facebook is important in some cases, especially when you are receiving blog posts and messages that are causing you a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s not always an easy decision, but in the long run, biting a dangerous person can help you restore your comfort.

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