How to Create a PDF from a Google Docs Document

By | March 3, 2021

Create a PDF from a Google Docs Document

How to Create a PDF from a Google Docs Document

Create a PDF from a Google Docs Document PDF is excellent for distributing documents to other groups without worrying about format compatibility in different word processing programs. With Google Documents, you can generate a PDF from an existing file without leaving the document.

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If you do not take Microsoft Word or do not need to use a third-party file change site but need to convert a document to PDF format, you can use Google Play Free. You can use a line word processor.

How to Create a PDF from a Google Docs Document

Dismiss your browser and go to the Google Docs homepage.

Next, open the document you want to PDF,

click file> Download, and then select “PDF Document (.pdf)” from the list provided.


A window will open, prompting you to select where to save the PDF file. You can also rename the file at this time if you wish. Traverse to the folder where you need to save it, and then click the “Save” button.

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Now Store your file in the selected folder.

The file is stored in the background in your local drive. When this is done, you can find the PDF in the folder you selected in your first folder. From here, you can expose it in your favorite PDF viewer or start sending it to others for viewing as intended.

Send a document as a PDF.

If you want to email your document as a PDF, you can do so easily. Also, you can copy yourself to email, so you have a PDF like this.

Open your document in Google Docs or create a new document.
From the menu, click File and select Email as an attachment.
In the window attached as an email, make sure the PDF at the bottom of the attachments is selected at the top.
Complete the details for the email, including the recipient, article, and message. Optionally, you can check the box to send yourself a copy.
When you are finished, click Send.

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