How to Limit Your Kid’s Screen Time on Android

By | September 20, 2021

How to Limit Your Kids Screen Time on Android

How to Limit Your Kid’s Screen Time on Android

How to Limit Your Kid’s Screen Time on Android. Screen time is a matter of concern to many parents. But is a little screen time okay? How much is it? Fortunately, you can limit how long the screen runs if your youngster has an Android device.

You may restrict your child’s monitoring time by several means, but the Google Family Link is the easiest option to do it. This allows you to screen and control all on your child’s device, including screen time limitations.

First, on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, launch the “Family Link for Parents” app. Your youngster requires Android, but on any device, you may establish limitations. Then choose the child you wish to limit the time of the display.

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You may see a lot here – including time to use the app – but we are searching for “Screen Time.” Tap ‘Configuration’

There are two tabs on this display: “Daily Limit” and “Bedtime.” “Bedtime” The daily limit will begin. First of all, choose all your days to restrict your screen time.

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Next, please select a time and adjust it to your liking. You may individually modify the time for multiple days or press “Apply to …” each day.

We can go out of the way to the ‘Bedtime’ tab. This is technically not a time restriction for the display, but after a given period, it will avoid the use of your youngster. Turn on the “Plane” switch and set the hours and days as above.

Tap “Save” on the top right corner after completing the daily limit and bedtime settings.


In the FamilyLink application on your profile, you can now see your child’s screen time use.

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That’s it! Your child will not be able to use the device for longer than you set, and it will lock itself in at bedtime. This is a great job. FamilyLink is an excellent tool if you have a child.



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