How to make your own radio station free

How to make your own radio station free

Hi guys are welcome to this post sodifferent ways you can make money fromyour online radio station so runningyour online radio station may not beyour full-time job but there are severalthings that you can put in place inorder to monetize your radio and as someextra cashHow to live stream radio stations

so the first way you can make money fromyour online radio station is viasponsorships so to put it simply asponsor provides you with financial

support in exchange for this financialsupport you agreed to provide them withspecific rewards that have been decidedin advance during your sponsorshipagreements so for example you maymention the name of your sponsor duringyour radio show or display their banneron your website in any case it’s awin-win situation you get to earn moneyand your sponsor gains in visibility bybeing mentioned in your show or on yourwebsite

with online radio stations you can beheard worldwide so it’s important thatyou promote your radio on the Internetin order to attract new listeners andincrease your audience if you alreadyhave an active listener base it can be agreat idea to sell ad spots to localbusinesses so you may want to approachlocal businesses that offer products orservices that can interest your

listeners and then sell them ad spotscreating an online store and settinggoodies with the logo of your radiostation on it is also a great way toearn some extra cash and gain theloyalty of your listeners you can createbranded hoodies t-shirts mugs let yourimagination run wild if you have awebsite you can integrate an e-commercestore or you could sell via Facebook andInstagram so there are loads of

platforms that can help you build youronline store you’ll find a list of themin the description below

be careful not to mix up selling airtimeand selling odd spots because they’renot the same thing so selling airtimemeans that you’re actually selling timeslots on your radio station so forexample if someone wants to broadcast ashow on your radio they can send you themp3 file for you to broadcast you canthen charge them per minute or per hourand even vary your pricing depending onthe time of day setting air time can besuper effective and you may be surprisedby the number of people who want theirvoices to be heard

affiliate programs allow other

businesses or consumers to promote acompany’s website or services and berewarded for driving traffic towardsthem it’s a great way to add some extracash for your radio station for exampleyou could create an iTunes affiliatelink allowing you to get paid for yourlisteners iTunes purchases that resultedfrom your radio player radio King alsooffers an affiliate program so via yourown referral link you can earn acommission of up to 20% for each salemade via your link

you can also ask people to support yourprojects you may be surprised by thenumber of people who are willing tocontribute so your donators may be yourlisteners or even complete strangers whoare just captivated by the concept ofyour online radio station online paymentprocesses like PayPal or crowdfundingplatforms like TP now make it super easyfor small radio stations to acceptdonations you can even add a donatebutton onto your website or blog do youwant to create an online radio stationradio queue offers you a free 7-daytrial no commitments you can find thelink in the description below


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