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 Check LESCO Bill Online:

LESCO Bill Online Check with the increase in population in our country. Get the bill closer to the due date at a later date. You are a busy person. You may want to pay your account as soon as possible. Paying after the due date will incur some additional charges, which no one wants. For your convenience, you can now quickly obtain and print a duplicate copy of your bill online.

What is a LESCO bill?

LESCO is known as Lahore Electric Supply Company, which found in 1954 under the WAPDA Act. It distributes electricity to Lahore and its link cities for their convenience.
LESCO provides load-bearing electricity to the citizens of a few cities in Pakistan and is a very professional and reliable company. If you believe there is a difficulty with your bill or other such electric wiring or indicator problem, you can contact the complaint number, and they will do their best to resolve your question. Plus, they can send a team to your doorstep.

Why online billing systems are so useful:

If the customer has not received the LESCO bill payable to a fault in the address or due to a mistake of a courier person and in some cases, the customer will have his account removed from the wrong place, and he will have to pay, So he has no documents. An online billing system is an online place where they can browse the site and generate identical LESCO bills without paying extra.

LESCO bill calculator:

If your bill has not prepared and you are wondering what it could be, you can easily find it from side to side of our website. All you have to do is come into the number of units you think you have eaten, and your estimated amount will be displayed. Besides, our website is simplified regularly, so the price per unit is up to date, no need to worry.

Check LESCO electricity bill online copy print:

Sometimes we don’t receive our LESCO bill for some reason, or we may lose the account; pay the bill every month; otherwise, it will be sufficient, or LESCO may cut off your electricity supply. For all these hassles, you have to make a copy of your electricity bill and pay it at any LESCO bill receiving agent counter such as commercial banks, EasyPay, Omni or UPSA, etc. Here’s how to position one jointly for use with your electricity bill.

Where to find reference numbers:

If you can’t find the reference number for your bill, you require to get the newest copy of your account and look at the top of the page. You will see your reference number in a box there.

How to duplicate a bill:

Now, to get your duplicate bill, you have to follow some simple and easy steps.
1: First, take out your previous bill and take a look at your reference number.
Number2: Now, come in the reference add up to in the box that appears.
Footstep 3: Now, your bill will be ready, and you can take an exact look at it.
Additionally, you can even download or print out your speech using CTRL + P.
Sounds easy and straightforward, right?
Area under Lesotho

Areas under Lahore Electric Supply Company are:


How to pay the bill online

Now it is effortless for you to pay your bills online. You can pay it through internet banking or easy money or jazz cash, whichever is more comfortable for you.
Working hours

Company hours are running

9 am to 5 pm
Monday to Saturday.
Contact details
Problem with your bill, you can contact the LESCO complaint number.
They can send a team to your door to solve your question.
Complaint No .: 92300522231
Address: 22 / A Queens Road, Lahore

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