Most Common Reason for C Section and Side Effects

Most Common Reason for C Section and Side Effects, Normal Delivery or Section which is Better.

Most Common Reason for C Section and Side Effects

Nowadays, a common Reason for C Section complaint among doctors is that they prefer to operate on pregnant women rather than the standard delivery. They do so only to maximize hospital bills – and Doctors who report everything correct and normal for nine months sound the alarm at the last minute, forcing people to undergo surgery for the life of the mother and child, leaving the mother helpless for a long time. Bedding is limited, and hospitalized children can be put in the nursery to make a hefty bill. When different doctors were contacted, their point of view was completely different and according to the reasons according to them. The reasons why today’s women are having more operations than the women of the past are as follows:

 1: Normal pregnancy is not a certificate of standard delivery

Suppose the pregnancy is normal for nine months, and there are no complications. In that case, there is a possibility that the delivery will be familiar – but this is not certain because when labour When the pain starts, there are many things that can be done correctly and on time, which can lead to standard delivery – but if there is any complication, the doctor has to decide on the operation. Something like this can happen

Pain does not start on time

Most Common Reason for C Section and Side Effects

The gestation period is usually nine months and ten days. After this period, the baby’s position should naturally be set in such a way that the onset of labour will lead to standard delivery, but if for some reason, this pain does not start. If so, it may be dangerous for the baby to stay in the mother’s womb for more than this period, which is why doctors have to operate.

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 Decreased heart rate

When the pain starts, and during this time, if for some reason, the child’s heartbeat starts to slow down, the doctor will immediately decide on an operation for the child’s life.

 Water bag burst

Most Common Reason for C Section and Side Effects

A water bag protects the baby in the mother’s womb. But sometimes this water bag ruptures prematurely in case of pain. This water can be dangerous if it reaches the baby’s lungs. Even in this case, the operation has to be done immediately.

 Painless than eight to twelve hours

In some women, the pain starts, but after some time, the pain starts to subside while for standard delivery. It is essential to increase the pain. Still, the sudden decrease or disappearance of the pain is dangerous for the baby. In that case, the operation may have to be performed immediately.

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