Normal Delivery or C Section Which is Better Difference Between

Pregnant women, C-section avoidance measures and the benefits of normal delivery

Pregnant women, C-section avoidance measures and the benefits of normal delivery

In the past, the normal delivery method was more commonly used for childbirth, and the birth rate of C-section babies was much lower than that – but in recent years, the C-section birth rate has been alarming. More or less of the details for this increase are the attitude of doctors in private hospitals and on the other hand, women also prefer to undergo C-section rather than enduring the pain of normal delivery – but time has also proved that it is a critical condition. On the contrary, if C-section is done, its effects are hazardous for the health of the mother and the baby. There are several benefits of normal delivery which cannot be ignored.

Benefits of normal delivery

As a result of normal delivery, the mother can breastfeed her baby sooner. Besides, the lungs of a baby born through normal delivery are healthier than those born with a C-section. A normal delivery mother will soon be able to recover and be able to carry out her baby’s duties – as well as reduce the chances of complications as a result of a normal delivery – so the mother will soon be able to give birth to another child. Besides, the cost of normal delivery is much lower than a C-section.

Precautions to avoid C-section

Although in some cases C-section is necessary for the health of the mother or baby, a woman should start preparing to avoid this risk before becoming a mother and try to keep her lifestyle healthy so that Her health enabled her to deliver a baby in a normal way.

 1: Take care of your weight

The mother needs to take care of her weight during pregnancy because even if the mother’s weight is less than the prescribed limit during pregnancy, she will not be able to face the test of normal delivery. And if she gains weight by overeating, the baby’s excess weight can still interfere with normal delivery.

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2: In case the child is upside down

An ultrasound in the fourth month of pregnancy reveals that the baby is upside down, meaning that the head is up and the torso is down, so this does not necessarily mean that C-section will deliver the baby. Some exercises to straighten the baby inside the abdomen. For this, the mother should consult her doctor, who can perform these exercises under her supervision, and this may increase the risk of C-section.

3: Get the right birth guide

Just as food cannot be cooked without learning, so is normal delivery without training. So a pregnant mother should start taking delivery guidance regarding childbirth from the seventh month of pregnancy. It is also available in various hospitals

4: Choose the doctor wisely

It is important to choose a doctor for delivery very carefully as it is a matter of life for both the mother and the baby – an inexperienced doctor or midwife can endanger the lives of both due to their lack of knowledge. Also, the mother may be at risk of having a C-section due to not making a timely decision. Therefore, this decision very carefully. Before choosing, also know about the reputation of this doctor.

 5: Stay calm

Pregnant women, C-section avoidance measures and the benefits of normal delivery

Being a mother is an important step for a woman to mentally prepared. The duration of labour can vary from woman to woman. Some women can deliver their babies normally after only three hours of pain. But in some women, this period can be as long as twenty hours. So there is no need to panic at this point. Trust your doctor and his staff. Keep reporting on the condition of the baby.  Heartbeat is normal, wait for the baby to deliver normally.

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