Pharmacy Assistant books and Category B Notes in Urdu

Pharmacy Assistant books and Category B Notes in Urdu

pharmacy asisstent PDF BOOK

Pharmacy Assistant books and Category B Notes in Urdu. Pharmacy is the medical health science that participates in medical chemistry and is accused of education. Producing, disposing of inoffensive and real use, and drug control. Training needs complete info about drugs, their mechanism of an act, side effects, interactions, mobility and poisonousness.

At the same time, knowledge about its treatment.

Understanding the psychological process is a need. Some characteristics of a pharmacist, such as a clinical pharmacist, require other skills, such as—information on obtaining and estimating physical and laboratory data.





The opportunity Pharmacy Assistant books and Category B Notes in Urdu

Includes more traditional roles, such as drug formulation and supply. It also has more sophisticated healthcare services, including medical services, safety and efficacy drug reviews, and drug information. Pharmacists, therefore, are pharmacologists and initial health professionals who recover the use of medicinal drugs for the help of patients.

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Establishment of pharmacy

An establishment that practices pharmacy (in the first sense) is called a pharmacy or a chemist (which is more common in Pakistan, although pharmacy is also used. Drug stores typically sell drugs, as well as dairy products, cosmetics, office supplies, toys, hair care products and magazines, and occasional snacks and groceries. ۔ Are gone

Provision of assistants

Supply assistants are commonly referred to as “dispensers”, and in society, pharmacies mostly function like pharmacy technicians. The effort is under the supervision of a pharmacist and are involved in the preparation (distribution and labelling) of medicines to supply patients.

Healthcare assistants medical counter assistants

In Pakistan, this group of staff can sell some medicines over the counter (including only pharmacies and over-the-counter medications). They can’t just prescribe drugs to patients.


Minimum matriculation with science or general science.


Two years of Apprenticeship Training under the supervision of a Pharmacist registered and notified by the Department of Health. Or qualified dispensers with PMF.

Paper schedules:

Theory Paper – 2

Practical paper 1

Paper I

(a) General Pharmacy

(b) Pharmaceuticals

(c) Hospital Pharmacy

Thesis II

(a) Pharmaceutical + Toxic

(b) Pharmaceuticals

(c) Pharmaceutical Chemical and Pharmaceutical / Drug Laws

Each essay will have 100% marks with 50% objective and 50% essay (short questions).

Paper III

Practically 180 numbers

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