The best Android antivirus apps in 2021

The best Android antivirus apps in 2021

The best Android antivirus apps in 2021

The best Android antivirus apps in 2021. The finest Android antivirus apps protect equally your device and your privacy

If you don’t have the best Android antivirus installed on your smartphone or tablet, you run the risk of infection with malicious apps and other types of malware.

Your options for protection are not limited. The best Android antivirus apps offer a reliable malware detection and prevention level and provide a range of privacy and anti-theft features. Most have free grades, and some are entirely free.

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Android’s best tireless apps can often back up your contacts and other data, track your phone or tablet via GPS, take a picture of the phone thief from the device’s camera, and locate your phone. You can also use your WAR OS smartwatch.

Many Android security apps have both free and paid versions, but not all freeware antivirus apps are created equal.

We used AV studies from an independent German lab to determine security safety based on their ability to detect zero-day malware and other recent threats. Apps are scored. To evaluate our effect on the overall performance of security applications, we used the GeckBench 4 app.

Based on our tests, the best Android antivirus app is BitDefender Mobile Security, which offers almost excellent malware protection with many features.

Even better support is provided by Norton Mobile Security ($30 a year). Unfortunately, Norton destroyed the Norton Mobile Security freight with its anti-theft features in October 2019, so we can’t praise it as strongly as we used to.

Is Cap the best Android antivirus apps?

Avast Mobile Security and McPhee Mobile Security offer many free and perform well in malware detection tests. But Avast’s anti-theft and call blocking tools didn’t work well, and both apps show a lot of ads – unless you pay them.

The free version of Kaspersky Mobile Anti-Virus has no ads, and the call blocking and anti-theft features work well. It has excellent protection against malware, but it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network security scanner.

Out Security and Anti-Virus was one of the first mobile antivirus apps and forced identity protection. But third-party lab test data on Lookout’s antivirus performance are scant, so we don’t know how well it protects against malware.

The best Android antivirus apps in 2021

The best Android antivirus apps in 2021. We can’t recommend Kiho 360 security. It offers tons of features to free users, but it also has many ads that you can happily pay to get rid of them. It takes longer to boot up our test phone than any of the better Android antivirus software, and we have no idea how good it defends against malware.

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The latest app, Google Play Protect, is installed on every Android phone that runs Google Play. Unfortunately, this is not the case with malware. Use something else.

The best Android antivirus applications track and block viruses and have a variety of privacy and anti-theft functionality. They will use GPS to monitor your phone or tablet, take a shot of the phone robber with the device’s camera, and even find your phone with your Android Wear smartwatch.

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Bitdefender Mobile Defense is number one.

The cost of a year is $15, and there is no free version. Minimum Android version required: 4.1 Jellybean | No advertising | Yes app lock Theft prevention:

Bitdefender Mobile Security

US 14 14.99 / year

Visit the site

In Bitdefender

Top Malware Protection: Premium Version Lots of Useful Features: Small System Effect – Feel Unlimited VPN Options

Butt Defender’s Android security app has almost excellent malware protection, extremely light performance effect, Android Wear Watch integration, VPN client, and a malicious website blocker that works with most Android browsers.

It also includes powerful privacy-protection tools, including app locks, Wi-Fi scanners, anti-theft features, and data breach reports.

Butt Defender Mobile Security offers a 14-day trial period, but it’s not a freemium app. Separate BitDefender Anti-Virus for Android app (which is free) scans for malware only.

Just 200MB of free bandwidth per data is provided by the built-in VPN app, which is only enough to search your email on the go.

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