Turn Your Computer into an Android Tablet


Turn Your Computer into an Android Tablet

Turn Your Computer into an Android Tablet. There are numerous advantages to installing Google on your PC. What is your favorite game?

For example, it may only be available on Android, or you may utilize a chat service that lacks a Windows Companion app.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve ever wished you had a way to run Android on your computer, You don’t have to search much farther. Andy is a Windows-based Android shell (coming soon to Linux and Mac),

Makes utilizing Android apps and games on your PC a lot easier.

Working primarily as a virtual tablet, On your personal computer, Andy provides you complete access to everything on Android. However, if you have a Desktop pc, such as the ASUS Optimus Book or the Microsoft Surface Pro, Andy will surely turn into an Apple Windows hybrid.

Installing Andy on your computer

The Andy Project homepage is available for free download on Android.net. Go there now, then click the download button in the middle of the page to get started.

If you haven’t already, open the installation file after the update is complete.

Depending on your setup, you may be requested to enter a user account at this point.

The setup is straightforward. Just follow the prompts, and when the installation is complete, Andy should launch automatically.

Using Andy as an Android computer

Just like an actual Android device, Andy goes through the boot-up process when you launch it and even improves the Dedlock cache for the first time.

Below the window are some controls, one of which is the entire screen, which will place Andy’s front and center on your computer.

The first time you run Andy, you have to go through the initial setup process of Android. After all, everything here is the same as on any Android device, except for the Wi-Fi setup. Andy isn’t using your computer’s existing Internet connection for this reason.

To interact with the screen, use your keyboard and mouse. Keep in mind that mouse clicks behave like touch events. Thus they’re treated as tap, twofold, and long press.

If you have a Windows tablet or touch-enabled monitor, you can talk to Andy the same way you speak to your phone or tablet.

The Google Play Store is available in its complete form, so install any apps you want. Andy even adds instant links to these apps to his Start Menu folder.

The developer expects a compatible version of Mac to be released soon (to run with Linux), so keep re-checking if you use an Apple computer.

The next release promises to bring gaming controls to any Android phone, which will allow you to play Andy games with your phone as a game controller, so PC users will also be able to watch the upcoming updates on Android.net. Should keep an eye

Andy uses Blue Stacks for individual apps or uses the old ICS-style Windows. Which apps did you first install on Andy? Have they introduced any new functionality to your computer? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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