WhatsApp secret tricks codes and hidden features.

WhatsApp secret tricks codes and hidden features You Should Try.

whatsapp secret codes

15 Secret WhatsApp Features It is not surprising that in recent years, WhatsApp has become a special part of our lives, easy and fast and easy to use for everyone. Or plan some events for which we have collected fifteen secret WhatsApp features that you may have heard of.

You know someone

Was it the right time to read your message? Fifteen fonts to explore and learn about these incredible features that not many people know. If you think you can easily change the fun of your messages on WhatsApp if you use this symbol three times before and after your logo on the message, it’s not much, but it Still good Please don’t confuse it. Although unfortunately, this logo is only available

Not on Android devices but iOS.

But if you need to try # 1, you should all the time copy and paste. 4 Font Styles for Changing Font Styles When you are changing fonts, you will also find an essential feature on the WhatsApp that will make your messages bold and amazing with algorithms. The font needs to be changed. For offensive messages, you have toaster before and after your message. You will send italic messages by adding an underscore, and your message can be easily used, and you can use these symbols.

Include all three symbols

With 13 latest contacts out of curiosity, it also asks which of your contacts the most important of your contacts are asked if it only works on iOS devices that you work within this setting and Account and storage usage. The list of your WhatsApp contacts and groups is also useful because all messages are often useful for each of you to send and receive data.

Chat or someone permanent

By disturbing you with endless messages, you will silence them. At the top of the screen click on their name or contact name, chat and you will have an option to mute select mute. For 8 hours a week or even a year, I assume that choosing the last option would be quite annoying, you will always continue the WhatsApp later to minimize your message, and this Also, a short time and unforgettable,

No. 11 will create information creators.

Private, sometimes we use the WhatsApp to get to know people we barely know. For model, work relations are people from definite dating sites we know well. ۔ After setting up the WhatsApp, click Account and select Privacy. Here, you control whether the user has your profile. I don’t know what the status of the icon will be, and the last time you saw the WhatsApp, it will make you feel even more.

Relax from No. 10

To prevent auto-saving because you almost certainly already know. .WhatsApp has automatically saved every photo and video sent to you. You get sick and delete unnecessary photos permanently. You are offended, your contact message sent to you. Re-selecting chats will add auto-save to most settings, and seriously save incoming media that you won’t be able to add a date for hi there.

In calendar number nine

Suppose you find a specific date in your message. This hyperlink will appear. Tap on it You will have the option to create events in your calendar so that you can schedule meetings with your friends from your WhatsApp as well as some important events so that you can use this feature. Do as you please. For example, write every day of the week, Monday is a pity that it only works on iOS 8 if you are sending a text to someone.

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Useful for you

For easy instant access requires you to easily add a link to your home screen so that it works for the Android device on which you want to tap the interview and then on three vertical dots. Click. ۔ The best right of your screen and thus prefer to include shortcuts in chats, so you will not have to send your messages to your home screen number 7 on some iPhone through all your conversations. Users may already know you, except for those of you who don’t know.

That you will send WhatsApp

Send Siri messages, Siri WhatsApp and your contact name to your device. Then you will be talented to improve to it. If the content of your message makes us feel a little sluggish, it’s not as if you’re sending a text message that brightens your mood whenever you see iOS users. 15 Secret WhatsApp App Tricks You Try In 2021. There is an easy solution than double hit on a message and select the star icon, and you will fix it later in the contact.

Information, where you have the option of star messages when you are also in the moment, will return when this message is text number three.

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