Why does some people’s hair start to turn white at a young age?

Why does some people’s hair start to turn white at a young age?

Why does some people's hair start to turn white at a young age?

Why does some people’s hair start to turn white at a young age? Hair problems also increase with age. Nowadays, young people start losing their hair, and by the time they reach old age, their hair is replaced by an open head.

In all of this, we also have some shortcomings. We need to know when and how to apply oil to our hair. Also, trying to protect our hair from contamination and fumes can benefit our hair to some extent.

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There are several reasons why hair turns grey in adolescence.

1-Vitamin 12 deficiency

According to medical experts, vitamin B12 deficiency is the most common cause of grey hair in adolescence. With this vitamin, hair not only turns white but also begins to lose its density and begins to fall out faster.

To prevent this, we will add eggs, beef and fish to our diet, while vitamin B12 supplements can also be used on the advice of a doctor.

2- Excessive consumption of junk food

If you consume more junk food instead of eating healthy food, then it is not surprising that hair turns white in youth.

Most research reports have found that calcium, vitamin D3, copper, zinc and iron in a healthy diet keep hair strong and healthy, while a lack of it can lead to greying hair.

3- Being anxious and stressed all the time

Researchers also link hair whitening to stress and anxiety during adolescence.

All the time, people suffering from stress and tension are affected by stem cells which give new life to the hair, which results in premature greying of hair.

4- Hereditary

Yes, white hair can be inherited from grandparents and parents.

Can grey hair be prevented?

The ability to reverse or prevent grey hair depends on the cause. The cause is genetic, you have nothing to stop or change the color permanently.

You suspect a health problem, consult a doctor to find out if the underlying condition is responsible for grey hair. If you treat a primary health problem, the oil may return, but there is no guarantee.

According to a reliable source in a study. If thyroid problems cause grey hair. It may re-color after hormone therapy treatment. Using vitamin B-12 shots or pills to correct. Any deficiencies can improve the health of the hair follicles and restore your natural color. If white hair is found as a result of stress or smoking. There is no evidence to support the return of lubricants after quitting smoking or reducing stress.

According to experts, our genes play an important role in the whitening of hair. If any of your elders have experienced premature greying of hair, you may likely have experienced this as well.


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