How to Delete Your Signal Account

How to Delete Your Signal Account

How to Delete Your Signal Account

How to Delete Your Signal Account. The signal is one of the few popular messaging apps that offer end-to-end encryption. While the service is great, it can’t be for everyone. If you want to say goodbye to me, here’s how to uninstall your signal account.

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Signal works great when it comes to privacy, but no app is completely secure. Because the Signal is based on phone numbers, anyone with your phone number can see you if you are on the Signal. This may be a challenge to privacy.
Thankfully, Signal makes it easy to delete your account in both Android and iPhone apps.

How to Delete Your Signal Account all related records.

Remove your Signal account will also delete all related records. This includes all chat messages, media, contacts, and related data. If you sign up again with the same number, you must start with a blank slate. If you have any sensitive data in the Signal, we recommend that you export it before starting the deletion process.

How to Delete Your Android Signal Account

On your Android smartphone, open the Signals app to get started. Next, tap on your profile icon from the top left corner.
Now, tap on the “Delete Account” button.
Here, you’ll need to verify your account by entering your phone number and selecting your country. Finally, tap the “Delete Account” button.
From the popup, select the “Delete Account” link to confirm your action.
Your signal account is deleted, and the app will close. Now you can delete the app from your Android smartphone if you want.

How to uninstall your iPhone signal account

Open the Signals app on your iPhone and tap on your profile icon from the top corner.
Here, select the “Advanced” option.
Now, hit on the red “Delete Account” switch.
From the popup message, select “Proceed” to confirm.
The Signal will begin deleting the account in the background, and when it does, the Signals app will close itself. When you open the app again, it’ll be empty.
You can now delete the app from your phone or reuse it with a different number or ID.

Register or Delete

You can permanently disable identifying your phone number as a signal used by unregistering your phone number. If you have not installed it, reinstall the Signal and use the steps below.

Follow the steps for your platform:

Did you mean:
Delete messages and conversation alerts
Unconnected devices
New number or new phone
Notification options


Follow the steps not to register:
In the Signal, tap on your profile_profile_avatar.png> Advanced> Delete Account.
Enter your signal number.
Tap Delete Account.
Confirm account deletion.

On iOS

Follow the steps to register your message history on this phone:
In the signal, tap on your profile_profile_oping> top> delete account.
Choose to proceed to confirm.

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