2021 Yamaha mt-09 revealed | all speciation and updates.


2021 Yamaha mt-09 revealed and all speciation and updates. As soon as the 2021 MT-09 is unveiled, the barefoot extremely popular medium-weight from Yamaha has been updated. The motorcycle now has a new style and a new 889cc engine that has more power and torque.

Third time in his life that he received a spruce up in 2017. The motorcycle then changed from a slightly GeckyLick single headlight version to a modern and sleek looking twin headlight model.

Here we have everything we need to know about the new model.

2021 Yamaha MT-09 styling

For 2021, Yamaha redesigned the motorcycle, leaving the current MT design language behind. First, while in history  MT-09, the 2021 Yamaha Hyper bike doesn’t look like anyone else in the naked range.

The small twin headlights are promptly gone, and a large, centrally uprisenLED light now manages the front end. The flashing headlights are two tiny LED DRLs, which in my design is a small glimpse of the past model.

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The rest of the motorcycle design MT-09’s internal functioning for all to see. Is. Yamaha designers have developed the motorcycle’s bodywork to showcase the engine, suspension, and subsystem to the world. The motorcycle’s overall position is that of a compact and clean proportions machine – and this is no accident. Yamaha has paved the way for fuel tanks, headlights, and as many new 889cc engines as possible. All of this lends itself to widespread perceptions of centralism.


To help keep the Euro 5 motorcycle away from the Euro 5 and ahead of the bare bike pack, Yamaha has chosen to favour the 2021 model with the most significant mechanical update. The model dates back to 2014. Was brought It has an 847cc engine, and in its place, a new 889cc has been built.

The new mill is Euro 5 compliant and makes the 2021 MT-09 the most powerful version ever. The extra capacity is gained by increasing the stock by 3 mm and giving the unit an additional 49 cc, which increases the upper end to 4hp.

The top end of the engine’s performance is one thing, but as everyone onboard the MT-09 knows, the bike’s perfectly linear torque has spread where it’s enjoyable. On this note, Yamaha has increased the peak torque to 68lb-ft. The peak number will reach 7,000rpm, which is 1,500rpm lower than before.

Defining a new engine is a modified fuel injection system that moves the injectors from the cylinder head only after the throttle valve. The fuel is applied directly to the back of the intake valves. The system is claimed to improve atomization, improve combustion, increase fuel efficiency, and achieve this critical Euro 5 certification.


The previous MT-09 ointment had a slightly less sticky front end, which you could fix by upgrading to aftermarket kits – or SP variants! Yamaha has heard, though, as the new bike has 41mm wide forks with preload, compression, and reversible adjustability. The rear suspension link design has been changed, and a newly adjusted KYB rear shock has been fitted to meet the new chassis with its significantly reduced weight.

yamah mt

2021 Yamaha MT-09

Ten speaker spin fake wheels

The 2021 motorcycle also includes a brand new type of wheel that heats up and then rotates on high-pressure rollers. The result is a wheel that Yamaha claims to be the lightest ever, and as soon as a motorcycle toner knows that spring weight loss is key to improving speed, braking, and handling.

Color, availability, and price

The latest MT-09 will be prepared in 3 colours: Storm Flow, Icon Blue, and Tech Black. Supply to European Yamaha dealers will begin in March 2021.


2021 Yamaha MT-09 Features and Specifications

New 889cc, Inline  Cylinder 3, Valve 4, DOHC, Liquid Cooled Engine EU5

More power than all engine speeds

7% increase in maximum torque at low RPM

4PS increase in maximum power

New 2.3kg lighter CF aluminium delta box chassis

189 kg of wet weight. Weighing 4 kg and being the lightest in the 900 ccs naked class

Smaller wheelbase for more dynamic handling

New lightweight aluminium swingarm

Naked and beautiful ‘coverless’ new generation MT styling

With crystal graphite frame finish, premium quality

Full LED lighting with Y-shape signature icon design front and rear

New QSS – Quick-shift system including up and downshift employment

Improved A&S – Assist and slip clutch

Light and compact new 6-axis IMU

Lean Sensitive Rider Aids: TCS, SCS, and Lift with three interference modes

ABS and BC – Brake control system

D mode switchable engine operating methods

New Ultra-Light Spin Fake 17 Inch 10 Spike Wheels

120 / 70-17 front tires with 180 / 70-17 rear tires

Fully adjustable KYB 41mm US forks with revised settings

Adjusted KYB rear shock with modified settings

Full Color 3.5 Inch TFT Accessory with Remote Handle Bar Switch

The radial front master cylinder, 298 mm double front discs


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