How to read already deleted WhatsApp chat messages and status

By | February 20, 2022

How to read already deleted whatsapp chat messages and status

How to read already deleted WhatsApp chat messages and status

How to read already deleted WhatsApp chat messages and status. Isn’t it frustrating when your pals erase their messages before you can see them?
Curiosity is strong. You just found the solution: WAMR!

WAMR is the utility you were looking for. One tool also lets you retrieve text messages and any media attachments (photos, videos, audio notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers)!
Now you can download the status too! All with one app!

How it works:

Messages are encrypted on your device, so WAMR cannot access them directly.
The only solution available is to read the notifications they receive and back up the message based on your notification history.
When WAMR finds out that a message has been deleted, it will immediately show you a notification!

Media messages

WAMR tries to save any media associated with the message, and if the sender deletes it, you will receive a notification.
The following types of media can be retrieved: images, videos, animated gifs, audio, voice notes, documents, stickers.



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Please keep in mind that there is no approved or supported method for recovering deleted communications. This is a workaround that may have limits according to the messaging app used or even the Android operating system:
1) Text messages are retrieved via your notifications. Therefore, if you have chatted silently, or if you are currently viewing a message on the messaging app, you have not received any notification before its deletion. So WAMR can’t save it! This also means that it is impossible to retrieve notifications/messages before downloading this app (so download it quickly!)

2) If the messages are not being saved, this may be due to the removal of Android’s WAMR. Please remove WAMR from all battery optimization services!

3) WAMR cannot store files that have not been completely downloaded! As a result, if you are offline or your connection is unreliable, or if the sender deletes the message containing the media before installing the messaging app, WAMR will be unable to preserve it.
4) If you’re not using a Wi-Fi connection, some media may not automatically download your messaging app due to your settings.

How to read already deleted WhatsApp chat messages and status

You can change this behaviour by using the Messaging App > Settings > Data & Storage to increase your chances.


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