Latest Android Launchers change home screen free download

Latest Android Launchers change home screen free download.

Latest Android Launchers

Latest Android Launchers. Each mainstream Android home screen app looks and acts like the Pixel Launcher from Google. It’s a trendsetter, like the Nexus Launcher before it. But it really takes “Custom” out of “Custom Launcher” when all of your options are modeled after the same thing…

The nine apps below seem to want to stop this trend for the most part. These launchers have minimal installs or are brand new in 2020 or 2021. Features range from automatic app configuration to maximum gestures, so hopefully, you’ll find something fresh that you’ll like.


Ratio divides your home screen into three parts: widgets, tiles, and hello. The left-hand page has a vertical scroll list of your things, many of which are custom made. The homepage is your apps’ home, which can be automatically categorized according to Apple’s new app library feature.

There is a great learning curve, especially when you are setting everything up, but the “onboarding” option in the settings can help. I will also note that the “Hello” feature currently only works with a handful of messaging apps but promises to be the central hub for all your messaging needs.

Play Store Link: Ratio 

Minimal Agenda Launcher.

If your workflow starts with a schedule or calendar, at least Agenda Launcher is worth a look. “At least” is almost a small thing – almost nothing. A schedule view calendar card can be extended and a vertical scrolling app drawer. Oops, and optional search bar.

AIO Launcher.

AIO is the oldest app on this list, but it’s still new. In fact, it may be the most practical home screen review we’ve seen in recent years.

Latest Android Launchers:

In addition to seasonal icons, search buttons, and some color button backgrounds, AIO is completely text-based. The vertically scrolling homepage is full of textual content provided by AIO itself – log in to your accounts to populate the information. Together, these two factors make AIO a key draw in information density.

ZENIT Latest Android Launchers

If you’ve ever used an iPhone, ZENIT Launcher will be quite familiar. This is basically an iOS home screen clone, complete with widgets in vertical scrolling format on the left screen. Turn. You don’t just have to split your home screen icons into horizontal pages – they can scroll vertically like a standard Android app drawer, or you can even go for a colorful “card” scene layout.


Latest Android Launchers Factor:

It’s not on the Play Store yet, which means you’ll have to sideload it from Gut Hub. It’s a really basic launcher in Windows Phone style right now, but it looks like a lot of growth, so who knows what the future holds.

Gut Hub Link: Factor Launcher (Free)

App 6 ruthless launcher
This app is inspired by Pixel Launcher and is a popular open-source fork of Shadow Launcher. Shed’s goal was to offer Nova Launcher and similar fast, lightweight alternatives, and the ruthless pursuit of this spell, but with more correction options.

Letters Launcher;

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