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Veterinary Drug Index

Veterinary Drug Index app is excellent applications in which you can search for all animal-related medications as well as use the side effects of these medicines. The dosage and benefits of these medicines are all in this application.


Install this application on your mobile and take advantage of its benefits as well as a doctor’s practitioner animal medicine store and and and Farmers Z Dairy Farmers. The most critical application is that we will tell you in advance. They inform you how to use it and how to search for medicines in it.


Veterinary medicine has been used for many years to prevent livestock diseases. Are used. Despite the benefits, sometimes indiscriminate application, overeating and abuse can be dangerous.

Therefore, veterinary drug management and risk assessment are essential to ensure food safety. Thus, the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service (NVRQS) has also banned registration for the use of veterinary medicines.

Veterinary medicine data.

The KFDA compiled MRLs based on the rest of the veterinary medicine data. Besides, the KFDA estimates that food consumption statistics and population with the mean maximum daily intake (TMDI) mean body weight.

Future of veterinary drug.

Veterinary Drug Index
Veterinary Drug Index

Recently, 116 veterinary drug MRLs, including banned veterinary drugs, have been established, and another 32 veterinary medicines developed within the MRL 2009. In 2010, MRL (including royal) jelly and propolis (antibiotic) and livestock.

Fishing products.

Fishing products (including milk and eggs) and honey (including medicines) synthesised by the Korean Food Code and Codex Elementaries Commission. (CAC) are not set. They will regulate as a uniform limit (0.03 mg/kg).

In the future, veterinary medicine will strictly control to strengthen public health by improving analytical procedures.

Veterinary Drug Index
Veterinary Drug Index

Veterinary Drug IndexIn this application, you can look for all antibiotics, stomach pesticides, and wound medications. Besides all that you do not know, you can search for it, so it is an excellent app that is very suitable for a Farmer. I like to request that all your friends install it so that you can benefit from it and also tell your friends about it. Let me tell you.

Veterinary drug.

Controlled use of veterinary drugs is a condition for the well-being of animals and the quality and safety of human food.

Animal products.

However, there is strong evidence that animal products contain unwanted drug residues, and that consumers may experience harmful concentrations of the waste.

Veterinary Drug Index
Veterinary Drug Index

Food safety.

Accordingly, the only way to agreement food safety in this regard is to test food for the presence of various drug residues. A few decades ago, a food considered safe if no potentially harmful residues found. Quickly accomplished, as analytical methods were not particularly sensitive at the time.

Now, with the constant improvement in analytical methods, it is no longer realistic to expect the food to be completely free of residues.

Animal Temperature detail
animal temperature

They are controlling the veterinary drug.

Controlling veterinary drug residues has become a significant issue in EU food safety policies.

Modifying the bodily functions of animals’ (Anun., 2001a) The European Union has banned member states from monitoring animals that prepare food for a wide range of veterinary medicines to protect the health of consumers.


  • Names of medicines.
  • Use of medication.
  • Dosage Amount.
  • Classification of medicines.
  • Fever medicine.
  • Pain medicine.
  • Worms Medicine.
  • Antibiotics.


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In the search menu, type the name of the medicine you want to search by clicking the Search button. Your search for all the information about this medicine. Also, you can find the information in the below video, thanks.

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