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Animals Diseases And Treatment

Here you read about Animals Diseases And Treatment In Urdu. Improving the buffalo production system requires scientific advances, including genetic improvement in the herd. Studies of animal body development make suitable choices to improve their weight gain by identifying the characteristics of various factors, including breed, sex, and nutrition (Grant & Helfreich, 1991 Ol Oliveira, 2005).

Buffalo Diseases And Treatment in Urdu


Animals Diseases And Treatment In Urdu PDF Free Download

The increase in body weight after weaning in buffalo represents the animal’s reproductive power, which is a unique feature in animal selection (Maureen, 1992). Therefore, bodyweight is the most widely used criterion for estimating animal development. However, when each body weight is related to bone growth and body length measures, its growth is better.


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Development Of The Bones:

The corals’ height reflects the bones’ growth (development of the bones), while the body weight also demonstrates the growth of the limbs, muscles, and adult tissues. The breast circumference may be an alternative measure for estimating body weight in animals. Many literature data report a high correlation between body weight and breast tension. However, these studies were developed with Holstein cattle breeds, and these data do not apply to other breeds and other infant species, such as Babylon (NRC, 2001).

Comparts models for growth curves

Fritas (2005) estimated growth in eight domestic animal species, but not buffalo, using seven nonlinear models, where the logistic model is the best way to measure animal development data. Suitable. In another study, the logistics model was excellent for describing the growth curve of buffalo grazing on Cuba’s tropical pastures (Torres et al., 2009). The logistics and Gompertz models for growth curves in Marah buffaloes (Arajo et al., 2012) were also recommended.

Determination of this trial

This trial determined to control the growth curve of buffaloes, their weight, age, body length, breast circumference, and the relationship between coral height in male buffaloes over a tropical grass over 720 days. Still, it raised exclusively for two groups, according to the final slaughter body weight.

Materials and methods

The experiment was conducted in Sao Paulo, Pearsononga, Brazil, according to a procedure approved by the Animal Research Ethics Committee. During days 720 During the days, 17 Mediterranean buffaloes of the Mediterranean breed born between March and May are measured every 28 days for body weight, breast tension, height level, and body length. With a weight of 517 kg. And with eight animals and an average slaughter weight of 568 kilograms, overweight (HBW).

Buffaloes exploited for milk production.

Female buffaloes were exploited for milk production, in which they were fed once a day, starting at 07.00 am. The herd consists of low milk-producing animals (meaning 4.4 kg of milk/animal/day). During the first 20 days of breastfeeding, a small tea calf was reserved for sucking immediately after each breastfeeding session. Later, the calves lived with their mothers on a tropical grass pasture, Brechiria Bryzanth cv. Marando, until 13.00, and then kept inside the facilities for calves.

The calf quarters were an indoor communal facility, with a single grass, a concrete floor, and a solarium paddock. All calves were fed with hay (appetite labium), and since the group of calves was the same, an additional amount of 0.3 kg/animal/day was provided until weaning.

Feed plan and Animals Diseases And Treatment

After weaning, calves (7-8 months old) were maintained on pasture, supplemented with corn silage (6 kg/animal/day) and nutrition (0.6 kg/animal/day) during the first month. Was done In the second month, the animals received only a dietary supplement. From the third month they were grazed with a mineral supplement containing the following elements (g / kg total mix): P (85 g), CA ( 130 g), Magnesium (5 g), S (25 g), Na (156 g), CL (240 g), Zidane (5,000 mg), Cu (1,500 mg), Fe (1), 700 mg), MN (1,250 mg), co (120 mg), I (120 mg), Se (15 mg), and FL (850 mg max). All the animals were weaned after weaning.

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Weighed on a cattle scale

The animals were weighed on a cattle scale. The breast’s circumference was measured with a measuring tape placed just behind the hind limbs. Forming a frame around the chest that positioned the animal appropriately. The height was measured with an adjustable ruler a little further from the designated place to measure the sprinkler limit. Body length was measured using a tape measure.

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