Cattle Expert system | Dairy farm management system

Cattle Expert system | Dairy farm management system:

cattel expert sysytem

Dairy farm management Cattle expert system is a must-have application for its diary form. Provide food like milk, meat and other value-added products. Which help to alleviate poverty and become self-sufficient in food security.

Benefits of this application:

It also offers organic valuable organic fertilizer for agriculture, thus improving soil fertility and productivity. Livestock provides a draft of animal power for various agricultural activities. And transportation and conservation of fossil fuels.

Best management:

Support the latest technology Dairy farm management. Production technology, calf management for cattle and buffalo, general care cover. Management for cattle and buffalo, joint supervision Procedures for cattle and buffalo and farm machinery for cattle and buffalo.

Cattle definition:

Cattle are one of the livestock that has a high economic potential, whether it is for sheep, cattle seeds, or even for food storage. Dairy farm management. Everything that comes from cattle is a treasure, for example, milk, meat and animals.

Diseases Dairy farm management:

The cause of the death of kettles is the spread of disease which can affect the health of cattle. An expert system is needed so that they can detect the condition without going to a veterinarian.

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The web-based expert system Dairy farm management:

The forward chains method is a correct technique of the expert system in which the symptoms started to diagnose the condition. With this in mind, we’ve created a web-based expert system application for Kettle Disease to make it easier to diagnose the disease and provide a brief overview of the Kettles themselves.

Install the application:

  1. Start the application
  2. Decision Support System Advisor
  3. in order System
  4. Close Application.

Installing Cattle Expert System mobile application a) Cattle Expert System can be installed directly on a mobile device by clicking on the download button.


Type Livestock Expert System in the Google Play Store.

Select “Veterinary System” afterwards the gradient of showed grades. B) Click the “Install” button to install the Veterinary System. Depending on the network speed available, the mobile application fits on devices within 1 or 2 minutes.


clicking on the cattle expert system icon, the application starts and displays “splash screen”.

To visit the app’s homepage, click the Proceed button. Decision Support System b. Health Advisor c. Information System Splash Screen Home.

  1. Decision Support System To start a decision support system, follow the steps below:
  2. Click the Decision Support System button on the homepage.
  3. When you click on the decision support system button, a list of sub-topics related to decision making support for cattle will appear.
  4. Click on the list to read related content.

Follow these steps for a health advisor:

  1. Click the Health Advisor button on the homepage.
  2. Clicking the Health Advisor button, it displays a list of primary symptoms.
  3. Click on the initial symptoms observed in cattle.

Primary. Clicking on the primary symbol will show images related to the central character.

Images. Select the photos that relate to the primary symbol and click the “Select” button.

Up to 3 images can be selected:

  1. Click on the “pick The message specified.
  2. On clicking Yes, secondary symbols related to selected primary characters will appear.
  3. Click on the other symbols seen in cattle.
  4. Click on the secondary symbol, images related to the associated secondary logo will be displayed. 10. Select photos that relate to the second symbol and click the “Select” button. Awake to 3 pictures can be designated
  1. while you connect on the chosen key Is this your sign. The message indicated. If the symbol observed is related to the secondary logo, click the Yes button, otherwise, click the No button.



  1. After selecting the secondary symbols, click the Continue button.

  2. When you click the Continue button, a list of selected images will appear. Click the DIAGNOSE button.
  3. Clicking on the Diagnostics button will reveal the cause of the disease.
  4. Click on the symptoms symptom, identification and control measure to read related content.
  5. Click on the video icon (bottom left icon) to watch the video related to the disease.
  6. Information System Follow the steps below to start the information system:
  7. Click the Information System button on the homepage.

Clicking on the Information System button will display a list of sub-topics related to the Livestock Information System.

Click on the selected list item to read related content:

  1. Closing request

Follow these steps to close the application:

  1. Go to the splash screen.
  2. Push the reverse key on the device, and it will immediately appear with the message “Are you there?”—Press yes button.


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